Dynamics Plus digital CNC

//Dynamics Plus digital CNC

Dynamics Plus Digital CNC Controls

Our machines are controlled by our latest Dynamics Plus CNC systems.
The systems features high speed digital servo contouring as standard.
The automation software is designed in house by CNC Support Ltd engineers. The system can be tailored to our customers requirements.

The Digital Plus operator interface runs on a Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 PC’s.
All Windows  functions can be made available to the machine operator. Smooth, seamless data loading.
Data transfer via USB stick, wired or wireless network. The dedicated industrial CNC is independent of the interface PC.Our Dynamics Plus CNC system is a market leading product. With a capability of more than 200 axes, over 40 channels, 4000 IOs, 1+ Gb of PLC memory and 500Gb of user memory Dynamics Plus can easily control the most demanding applications.