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For jumbo sheet capacity and more. 5m bed also available.

The CNC Dynamics 4121 is specifically aimed at 4m x 2160 applications. It is ideal for nest based manufacturing.

CNC Dynamics 4121 fitted with our 2018 Dynamics Plus digital CNC system. CadCam ready. High speed machining functions for fast nesting operations High speed processing for complex geometry.

Massive part program memory. Simple networking.

Standard vacuum @ 250 CMH. Up to 1000 CMH as options.

Remote log in and monitoring available on all of our machines.

  • Fixed table, moving gantry CNC Router. Flat bed with matrix vacuum table.
  • HSD Automatic tool change spindle. 12 to 18 station tool magazine with automatic tool length setting.

  • Programmable spindle speeds to 24000 rpm. Spindle speed options up to 50,000rpm.

  • Optional ‘quickset’ component probing system for fully automated set up.

  • Optional multi spindle borer unit with horizontal drilling in the X and Y plane, sawing in X and Y plane.

  • Becker 250 cubic metre per hour vacuum pump as standard with options up to 1000 cmh.

  • AlphaCam ready. Or we will integrate your existing CAM

X-Axis Travel 4100mm
Y-Axis Travel 2170mm
Z-Axis Travel 200mm
Table Size 4050 x 2170
Feed Rate X-Axis 0-20m/min
Feed Rate Y-Axis 0-20m/min
Rapid X/Y Axes 0-80m/min