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Our new CNC Dynamics Door Centres. The machines feature Vertical and horizontal routing. A flexible vacuum pod system with conveyor swarf disposal. Customised door design software giving quick, easy program creativity and productivity.

Our Dynamics Door machine features a 360 degree programmable horizontal router with clock wise and counter clockwise rotation.

Our Dynamics Door machine can be custom built to your specification. Call us for details

  • Fixed table, moving gantry CNC machine with pod and rail hold down system.

  • High power 24000 rpm auto tool change spindle

  • Powerful onboard graphical programming system.

  • Multi spindle vertical and horizontal boring unit.

  • Horizontal routing for locks and hinges

  • 10 station auto tool changer and aggregate facility

X-Axis Travel 3100mm
Y-Axis Travel 1300mm
Z-Axis Travel 400mm
Table Size 3m x 1300
Feed Rate X-Axis 0-30m/min
Feed Rate Y-Axis 0-30m/min
Rapid X/Y Axes 0-60m/min