CNC Dynamics START 1015

//CNC Dynamics START 1015
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The CNC Dynamics 1015. Our smallest CNC router but still retaining the features of full size machinery.

2.2kw spindle and auto toolchanger.

Vacuum system.

1500×1000 x 120mm Z axis.

This machine will run on single phase supply.


Our smallest CNC router with big functionality.

  • Fixed table, moving gantry CNC Router. Flat bed with matrix vacuum table.
  • Dyn2.2 Automatic tool change spindle. 6 station tool magazine with automatic tool length setting.

  • Programmable spindle speeds to 24000 rpm.

  • A range of vacuum system options.

X-Axis Travel 1500mm
Y-Axis Travel 1000mm
Z-Axis Travel 200mm
Table Size 1500 x 1000
Feed Rate X-Axis 0-6m/min
Feed Rate Y-Axis 0-6m/min
Rapid X/Y Axes 0-6m/min